Celebrating and encouraging a love of books
Creative Learning and Engagement

At Moat Brae, our diverse Creative Learning & Engagement programme aims to celebrate and encourage a love of books, reading and storytelling in young people. The programme is ongoing with initiatives taking place in communities across Scotland. The spectrum of activity involves work with schools and colleges, pupils, students and their teachers, lifelong learners and those wishing to learn less formally. The programme focuses on:

Our Projects

Throughout the 2020 lockdown, Moat Brae engaged with schools across Dumfries & Galloway to produce story podcasts that the pupils themselves created. Building upon Moat Brae as JM Barrie’s own ‘enchanted land’, each school was given a simple brief – ‘imagine your own enchanted land and create a story about it’.

Once lockdown took hold, the resulting work was reimagined as broadcasts from Moat Brae’s very own imaginary pirate radio station, Radio Wendy, currently moored somewhere off the Solway Coast.