Moat Brae is packed with opportunities for you to use your imagination and create your own stories

Inside, you will be transported to the Darling Nursery just as Peter Pan flies through the window in search of his shadow; you can find out where Tinkerbell is hiding, crawl into Nana’s kennel, and search for treasure with the Lost Boys on their Neverland pirate ship. Outside, enjoy our Neverland Discovery Garden with its fairy doorways, Mermaid’s Lagoon, Tiger Lily’s encampment, Jolly Roger Pirate Ship, Wendy House and much more, all set in a fantasy world of exotic plants and native trees.

Whether you take a tour, visit The Book Shop or enjoy an event here, we guarantee a sensational experience.

We are fully accessible for wheelchair users and we will try our best to accommodate specific access requirements.

Please get in touch if you require any further information about specific access or need advice on planning your visit.

Moat Brae is packed with opportunities for you to use your imagination
At a Glance

Ground Floor

There is level access from the main entrance to:

  • The Reception
  • The Book Shop
  • The Cafe
  • The Neverland Discovery Garden
  • The Dining Room
  • The Large Drawing Room
  • The Small Drawing Room
  • Threshie's Study
  • The Cupola
  • The Garden Room

First Floor

Accessed by the stairwell and the lift

  • Enchanted Journeys by Mina Lima
  • The Exhibition Room
  • The Story Store
  • The Book Burrow

The Attic

Accessed by the stairwell and the lift

  • The Darling Nursery
  • The Neverland Theatre
  • Conference Room

Lower Ground Floor

Accessed by the stairwell and the lift

  • The Hideout
  • Changing Places Toilet
  • Public toilets with accessible toilets and baby changing

The Neverland Discovery Garden

Accessed via the Cafe and the Garden Room

  • There is access to most of the garden except for the left-hand side which consists of steps
  • The Jolly Roger wooden play ship
  • Lost Boys & Girls Look Out
  • Mermaids Lagoon
  • Wendy House
  • Fairy Houses
  • Crocodile Trail
  • The Lawn and Garden


  • We have a complimentary ticket policy for carers
  • Almost all staff have “Welcoming all Customers” training


  • Parking at Moat Brae
    This is limited to one disabled bay and Coach drop-off only
  • Parking in Dumfries
    Most parking in the town is free but you must display a disc and many spaces are limited to 2 hours.  Discs can be picked up at most shops and offices in town and Moat Brae has a supply in the foyer. During school holidays, the Dumfries Academy car park next door to Moat Brae is available for free parking. There are a small number of multistorey car parks in the town
  • Train
    Dumfries train station is a short 10-minute walk from Moat Brae
  • Bus
    Most bus routes into Dumfries stop at the Whitesands which is a short 10-minute walk from Moat Brae
  • Bicycle
    We have several cycle racks outside the entrance to Moat Brae

Main entrance

  • From the street to the main entrance, there is level access
  • The main entrance door is approx. 1907mm wide
  • The main door is sliding and automatic


  • We have 1 lift
  • The entrance to the lift is approx. 800mm
  • The lift inside measures approx. 1320mm x 1400mm
  • The lift provides access to all floors of the attraction. There is a mirror located on the rear wall of the lift. The lighting in the lift is LED spotlights and there is no music played in the lift. The flooring in the lift is PVC non-slip material

 Reception desk

  • From the main entrance to the ticket desk, there is level access


  • Public toilets are located on the Lower Ground Floor
  • On the Lower Ground Floor, we have accessible male and female toilets both with baby changing facilities 
  • We also have a Changing Places Toilet on the Lower Ground Floor

The Book Shop

  • From the main entrance to the shop, there is level access. The entrance to the shop is approx. 1110mm wide
  • The route through the shop is 740mm at the narrowest point and 2300mm at the widest point
  • There is a low counter area and merchandise is displayed on shelves up to a height of 2000mm. Staff are available to help customers who require assistance to navigate between fixtures throughout the shop.

The Cafe

  • There is level access to all tables
  • There is low level background music
  • We cater for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diets at present
  • The nearest accessible toilet is located on the lower ground floor

Accessibility equipment

  • We welcome assistance dogs and can provide water bowls for them. Please ask staff for assistance
  • We have a fully equipped Changing Places Toilet situated on the lower ground floor

Emergency evacuation procedures

  • We have emergency evacuation procedures in place for all visitors
  • In the case of an evacuation, all customers inside Moat Brae will be directed to the nearest fire exit by a member of the team or by a member of the fire brigade to the Assembly point which is located outside the front of Moat Brae on George Street